Nourishing Fertility Meal Plan

A done for you meal plan to nourish in preparation for pregnancy.

The tools you need to complete a pre-conception detox without the headache.


Why Detox before pregnancy?

It's something I wish I would have done before I got pregnant, here's why:

Unfortunately, we live in a toxic world. From the products we slather on our skin to the air we breathe, our world is full of toxins. We all should be taking time to detox regularly.

Your body is intelligent enough to know that a body full of toxins is not a safe place for a baby. Toxins can even interfere with your ability to make a baby. Getting them out before you start trying for a baby can increase your chances of pregnancy.

The average umbilical chord of a newborn contains over 200 chemicals. Doing a detox before you get pregnant can at least help to mitigate some of the toxins that are built up in your body and increase the likelihood of a healthy baby.

Every single one of my clients goes through a detox while we're working together.

Unfortunately we live in a toxic world and it's important for us to support our body's natural detoxification process.

This meal plan does just that! It's the same one I use with my clients.

Becca Thomas
RN, Nutritionist

Learn why detoxing is important

We go through why detoxing is important and how to do it the right way! 

21 Day Meal Plan

A delicious meal plan so you know exactly what to eat to help your body shed those toxins.

Weekly Grocery List

All the hard work is done for you! Simply take your grocery list to the store and you'll be all set for the week for meals!

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This meal plan is gluten and dairy free. If you have more foods that you need to avoid, please contact me if you'd like a custom meal plan for you. 

Due to the nature of the product, no refunds are available.